Philip Milojevic


Visual Artist
Philip Milojević, born and raised in Berlin, lives and works as an artist in Berlin. The dynamism of the big city and the rurality of his Croatian origin were never being a conflict to him. Rather more this contrast created in him an urge to combine cultures in his pictures without alienating them in their particularity. Abstraction in response to his world wandering in which he transfers the seen reality into his own reality. Liberal minded he encounters other cultures in his work and connects them in a new unique cooperation. By using squeegees, brushes and spatulas he applies variety of colors on the canvas with great sensitivity. Human, abstract and geometric forms emerge and combine to create an intoxicating dynamic. In his expression Philip Milojević turns against megalomania and false nostalgia and lovingly opens up to the community. He rejects the direct interpretation and meaning of his works and sends everyone on their own journey to discover art and themselves.
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