Les soeurs siamoises

Happy painters under Xanax

Visual Artist
EXHIBITIONS, 2022 Gallery Ursula Stross - Art Vienna international art Fair. 16th-18th september Collective contemporary painting exhibition. Galerie Héloïse - Monomania. July 2nd to September 10th Collective contemporary painting exhibition, @galerieheloise Paris 75013. Banzai éditions. June 15th International artistic magazine number 12. With 60 artists: Stephane Blanquet, Cristina Daura, Jean Lecointre, Joachim Lambrechts, Jason Limon, Niark1, Celeste Dupuy - Spencer etc... Publisher Banzai édition. La grange Gallery. June 4th - June 26th Collective Painting exhibition, with Maria Lundström, Karl Bielik, Gabriele Graessle, Ludovic Dervillez. Reims. La manufacture - BD aix. March 26th to May 28 "A la racine" curated by Stephane Blanquet. Collective contemporary painting exhibition with Stephane Blanquet, j.j. Cromer, Yvan Guillo Samplerman, Iris Terdjiman, Christine Smilovici, Michel Lascault, Hope Kroll, Matthew Couper, Marie-Pierre Brunel, kyota Kawai, Wataru Kasahara, Guillaume Decock, Etienne Pottier, Féebrile, Axelle Kieffer, Stéphanie-Lucie Mathern, Frédéric Arditi, Angelique Friant. Aix-en-Provence. The eye altering. April 1st to April 30th Collective contemporary painting exhibition, Thessaloniki. Greece. @theeyealtering 2021 Pop galerie. November 25th to December 18th Collective contemporary painting exhibition with Nathalie Salé, Verofis, Nathalie Haggiag, Agnès Rosse, Anne Van der Linden, Ody Saban etc... @popgalerie. Sète. Joie panique édition. November 15th First monograph. «Le bestiaire» des Soeurs siamoises, publisher Joie panique édition. Front-page of la tranchée Racine. October 16th Front-page of la tranchée Racine. Curator Stephane Blanquet. From september 5th 2020 to january 2021 Stephane Blanquet present his work and others artist's works he selected, at la Halle Saint Pierre. During this time he also published La tranchée racine (united dead artist publishing) showing the work of 500 artists all over the world. Galerie Dys - Art on paper Brussels international Contemporary Drawing Fair. 15th -19th september Collective exhibition with David Noro, Annabelle Guetatra, Lotte Van De Walle. Yellow cube gallery. March and June «Beyond Borders»: Collective contemporary painting exhibition. Yellow cube gallery Paris and Thelt Gallery Beirut. Openbach galerie. May 19th to May 25th «Nouvelle figuration contemporaine» Collective painting exhibition @openbach_galerie. Yellow cube gallery. July 15th - August 15th 90's c'était mieux avant Collective contemporary drawing exhibition. Yellow cube gallery Paris. 2020 Gallery Fluffy Crimes. November 5th - November 27th Collective exhibition - Chicago. Gallery Dys. October Original artworks on paper to sell at La Galerie Dys @dysxs Belgium. La grange Gallery. September 26th - October 4th Collective Painting exhibition, with Maria Lundström, Luc Pierre, Susan Carr, Karl Bielik, Ludovic Dervillez. Reims. Openbach Gallery. September 2nd - september 12th Collective painting exhibition. La nouvelle figuration contemporaine, Paris. Residency at L’Openbach. June 15th - 26th Yellow cube gallery. July 15th - August 15th « Les années 90 c‘était mieux avant » Collective painting exhibition, Paris. TOC + Yellow cube gallery. August 29th - september 19th TOC + Yellow cube gallery « Damaged Goods » Collective exhibition. With Moolinex, Paquito Bolino… 2018 Les rencontres d'Arles. International photographic fair. June - September, Les rencontres de la Photographie d’Arles. Best Book Award 2018 Shortlist nominees: Monument Lies. Smoke the moon Gallery. October 24th - November 7th «Gosts of electricity» Collective exhibition. With Kim Dorland, Francesco Mendes Moreira, Aaron Johnson etc. Los Angeles. Offprint Paris. Independent Publishers and Artists’ Books Salon. Exhibitor selected for the art book fair Offprint at les Beaux Arts. Yellow cube gallery Paris. November 23th - December 7th Collective Fanzine exhibition. Paris.
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