Keren Schwarz

Abstract emotional and multisensory artist

Visual Artist
Keren Schwarz,b. 1989,Paris I am an abstract painter based in Paris and I also use performances as a way to express my creativity. By using the abstract form, I explore a way to transcend reality by layering colours to visually recreate emotions and intangible concepts in an intensly and expressive form. Everything can inspire me : the the beauty of landscapes, the capture of a unique moment of complicity, the poetry of a moment of street music, details in a conversation, some timeless bonds of love or friendship . If I had to focus on one of my main stimuli, I would definitely say the senses. When I create, I put myself in a sensory bubble with music and smells. This sensory bubble will really be a base, a very deep base of my creation. When I am painting, the canvas on the ground to keep the freedom of composition and movements, I follow the burst of feelings and energy coming from deep inside mer. I experiment in the gesture following the movements of my body and discover the result of my work, while being at the origin of it. 
While I have a purpose and direction at first instance, I allow a space for the unforeseen on the spot as a philosophy of life : an artwork is an adventure, as life is. 
The freedom of interpretation of abstract art let the imagination of the viewers feel émotions or perceive representational compositions, which will be generated by their own inner voice and life experience. 
Therefore, by its own definition, the interpretation is evolving and more details will be found every time the viewer connects with the artworks.
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