Lucia Rivero

Materials and Atmospheres creator

Visual Artist
What I do is constantly transforming, creating materials and atmospheres that I want to surround myself with, invoking memories, imaginaries, the bond with animals and my skin. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on August 14, 1991. Graduated in Visual Arts from the National University of the Arts (UNA). She was trained in other institutions such as the Regina Pacis School. Course workshops with the artist Andrés Waissman and was an assistant to the artist Eugenio Cuttica. She participated in group exhibitions at the Konex Cultural Center (FAUNA October 2015), San Martin Cultural Center (November 2015), Salón Prilidiano Pueyrredón (December 2018), Tecnópolis Federal (November 2016-August 2017) and La Rural (BADA 2019). During 2020 she was part of PAC, Contemporary Artistic Practices of the Gachi Prieto Latin American Art Gallery. In 2021 she carried out residencies in Tiny Birch (Vermont, USA), R.A.R.O (Barcelona, Spain) and at the Center d’Art i Natura de Farrera (Farrera Pirineos, Spain). In 2022 she makes her first solo exhibition in B8 Estudio (Barcelona, Spain).
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