Nico Rivas

photo & film

I am from Buenos Aires City, Argentina, where I grew up, watched and studied Audiovisual Design, mobilized by the idea of telling stories and showing conflicts; through the power of image and poetics of the abstract. I've been a teacher of film editing and script at the University of Buenos Aires for seven years; editor of series, documentaries and short films. And also grown in the advertising world by the hand of great creative talents. I try to portray space and time from the inside out: aesthetics as the central axis of the sensitivity of the body and, above all, of the gaze. I focus my work on social inequality and the contrast of differences.. I have lived and studied in unique cities like Berlin, Hamburg, San Francisco. Today I am in Barcelona, where I work as filmmaker; share and shape my projects, stories and photographic series captured in various destinations around the world, with the aim of building a fairer one.
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