Memo Vithana

Creative Behaviour

Visual Artist
Memo Vithana born and raised in Rome ethnically Sri Lankan, now resides in Berlin. At a young age he always sought creativity within the institutions, and went further to successfully complete his Landscape Architecture bachelor in London. Nevertheless he felt the need to expand his creative behaviour, unbound by any limitations. Berlin has enabled him to find that setting of inspiration, aspiration, and personal growth. He is highly inspired by numerous artists such as Picasso, Basquiat, Dali, De Chirico, and TWOONE. As an only child, he grew and matured his identity through the arts. Venting his emotions, personal experiences, and challenging his perception of his own reality through brushstrokes, and mixed media. Thus enabling him to become multifaceted in artistic styles, always keen to experiment with new methods to portray his imagination. The acclaimed artist, Rylsee took him under his wing and has mentored him to further develop his skills and creative experiences through his well established art scenography in Berlin. Within two years he was able to have his first ever exhibition in Berlin with the co-founded Artist Trio - Tidewater, snowballing into being selected for an exhibition of 80 Berlin-based established and emerging artists handpicked by the Art Union. His creativity did not stop there, he furthermore adventured to the music scene, and exhibited paintings of world-known DJs in several clubs in Berlin and Rome, supported by record and event labels. Collaborating with musician Parra for Cuva was a milestone for the artist as his artworks were projected during his tour sets around Germany. Record label La Luna has distributed his iconic artwork as its cover, deeply recognised by the local record stores, and the electronic music industry by its eye-catching motif. Furthermore expanding to create a wine label with Cantine Volpi for a yearly charity project, selling a limited vintage white wine. He now consults brands, artists and concept stores to spread his creative affluence. The amalgamations of cultural impacts, life experiences, and musical influences constructed the artists´ foundation to become an all rounded creative with the passion to share the importance of the arts in the contemporary world today.
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