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My figurative scenes are frozen in time and strive to capture the essence of a moment. Dealing with themes of identity, isolation, aging and rebellion, I like to believe my characters exist in a universe that lies somewhere between our familiar conscious reality and the unconscious dream realm. They exist only in total freedom, never fearing ideas of life or death, past or future.My worlds of ecstasy and liberation allow me as an artist to challenge my own stance in our reality and create narratives that are based purely on present moments. I treat my painting process as an act of personal exploration. I take great inspiration from the people around me, in particular, those who express themselves flamboyantly through fashion, music, dance, sexuality and activism.As a whole, I am particularly interested in human behavior and our interactions with the world around us, both natural and man-made.Working with mainly spray paint, charcoal, acrylic and oils, I create expressive, large-scale works with the intent to consume the viewer into a distant yet familiar land. I like working on reclaimed surfaces, so the existing scrapes and scratches remain a strong element within each work, retaining a sort of palimpsest. Every mark and stain is vital to the storytelling aspect of my art.
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